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  • Deposits & Payments
    Non-refundable deposits are required to secure appointments. Deposit amounts vary based on service type. The remaining balance of the service will be due at the time of your appointmet. Pay Online: Deposits can be paid online through the website under the "Appointment Request" tab. Select the type of service you're interested in and click the "Request"button. You will be prompted to enter your contact and credit card information. Pay Using Square Cash App: Deposits and final payments can be made instanly using the Square Cash App. Square Cash is the simplest way to pay people or send money to friends or family. Sending and receiving payments is totally free and instant. Save your cash in the app, or deposit it directly to your bank. Share your unique $Cashtag with anyone to get paid fast. The Cash App app is compatible with iPhones running the latest iOS version and Android devices running the latest operating system. For instruction on how to download the Cash App see " Steps to downlaod Square Cash App" in Freqently Asked Questions.
  • Steps to Download Square Cash App
    To get started, download the Cash app on your mobile device. To do so: 1. Visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play. 2. Search for Cash App. 3. Download the app. 4. Then, create an account: 5. Open the app > enter your mobile phone number or email address > tap Next. You’ll receive a confirmation code via text message or email. 6. Enter the code in the app > tap Next. 7. Select your primary use for Cash: Personal – to exchange money with friends and family 8. Follow the on-screen prompts to finish signup and make sure to link your bank account so you can send and receive money. With Cash App for personal use, there’s no fee to send, request, or receive money.
  • Appointment Policy
    Appointment requests are submitted online when deposits are paid. Upon receipt of the deposit a follow-up email/phone call will be sent to the customer to confirm date and time of service. Final payments for services can be paid in cash or credit/debit using CashApp. Clients have up to 48 hours prior to appointment to cancel or reschedule an appointment. However, deposits are non-refundable and you are allowed to reschedule once. I prefer all clients come washed and blow dried when receiving a lace install service due to the fact that lace installments are very time-consuming and can take up to 5 hours. Please do not bring friends, family members, children or spouses with you to your appointment whom are not being serviced. Salon space is very limited.
  • What is a Lace or Silk Base Closure?
    Lace closures are hairpieces where hair strands are tied on a beige or dark brown lace. Lace closures are a few inches wide and they are applied where the hair would have been left to give a natural look. Lace closures tend to lay flatter on the head because it does not have the extra layer of material like silk base closures. Silk Closures have a layer of silk which the individual strands of hair are embedded into the silk and then it also has a layer of lace. Now with silk closures the knots are not visible because they are embedded in that layer if silk. So you can see this definitely gives more of a scalp like appearance. Lace closure installs usually last up to 2 months and no adhesive is used in this service unless requested. This style requires touch-up's every three weeks. ​
  • What is a Lace Frontal?
    Lace Frontal is a hair piece which goes from ear to ear and is sewn with approximately 3-4 bundles of hair. The size is 13” across and 4” back. The frontal can be held in different styles and you can hold the hair back whereas the closure cannot be held back. A lace frontal is used when you want to recreate the entire hairline from ear to ear and about 4 inches back. Frontals are also really popular with women who have traction alopecia or thinning edges. One of the many benefits of using a lace frontal is the styling versatility. Installing a lace frontal can help you achieve the styling option that a closure cannot provide. Wearing a frontal allows you to wear pulled back hairstyles. This style requires touch-up's every two weeks to remain natural looking.
  • What is a 360 Lace Frontal?
    A 360 Frontal is a lace headband that has hair on it. They are full lace closure designed to go all round the head perimeter, unlike the regular lace frontal that is installed only on the front of the head. They were designed with the aim of decreasing weave installation time significantly. It requires less weft and bundles, and there is no sewing of wefts along the outer head portions. It can be pulled-up in a ponytail. This style can last up to 2 months and requires and requires touch-up's every two weeks to remain natural looking.
  • What is the difference between a frontal and closure?
    The most obvious difference between lace frontals and lace closures are the size. Closures are typically 4 x 4 inches. While frontals are 13*4 inches. Lace frontals are bigger mainly because they run temple to temple to cover the entire hairline. Lace closures are smaller because their primary purpose is to close off an install hence the name closure. Closures typically only cover a horseshoe size portion at the top or front of an install and it is used to recreate the natural part. It is also used when you want to give your hair that you normally leave out a break.
  • What is a Full Lace Wig (Full Lace Unit)?
    Full lace wigs have a base that is made fully of lace giving you more versatility and parting space. A full lace wig covers the entire head and must be installed slightly different than a lace front wig that is only attached at the front edges of your head. This style requires touch-up's every two weeks to remain natural looking.

Frequently Asked Questions

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